Introducing Power Track & Wireless Sockets

It Seltzer. From the Future.

Indyro's Power Track are bold and beautiful. They expands our limits to conventional socket outlets and make spaces live, which then otherwise be useless due to limitation of sockets. An Interior concept changes the way we place our electrical outlets.


This is made of Aluminium, which has three copper tubes, these are insulated with fire retardant material. These tubes further transfer the flow electricity to the flexible power outlets.

This is Wireless Socket

The Special about this socket is it's flexibility. The connector goes into the track, connecting to the three lines from the track, completing the circuit. The outlet thus becomes active.

For the ease of inserting socket, rotate the socket at 45 degree angle, and diagonally insert the connector into the 5mm slit at the top. With a finger press the top part of the connector, till it completely settles on the track.

Reposition any socket and
add as much as you want.

Get it installed in 10 minutes

Technical Specification

Rated Frequency
Rated Voltage
40hz - 50hz
Temperature Conditions
-16°C to 55°C

1) Ensure the connection of track to MCB and ELCB or RCCB
2) Do not put any metallic object into track
3) Spillage of water inside the track must be cleaned immediately. Water clogging inside the gully of track causes oxidation of power lines.
4) If there are children at home, we recommended installing power track 2.5ft above the floor and not as a skirting.
5) DO NOT USE Power track and wireless sockets to life support systems or any application where power supply amounts to priority. We do not recommend installation of power track in ICU or OT.
6) Use a switch breaker to power the track or any micro-controller radio based device to switch on/off track.



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