Flexible Power Outlet Systems

Power Track

Power Track is a continuous running technology, which can replace a wall skirting or can be installed in the centre of wall. In its standard size of 2 meter, one can add two tracks, connect at corner or simple alter to fit to the length of a wall.

Power Track comes in various shades to suit your interior aesthetics. We have shades in marble, wooden and premium textures which amplify the look of a wall.

Wireless Flexible Sockets

We always face problems with limited socket outlets and solution we have is either an extension board or restructuring walls to install additional socket.

To solve such problems we came with an idea to make sockets flexible. Our Power Track can be connected with 15-18 sockets on a meter of track. Not only we made sockets flexible and wireless, but we also saved on financial expenses of remodeling, renovation and time.

Now no more tangled wires or limited sockets, switch to Indyro power track and flexible wireless sockets.