"It all started with a socket in a metro, the socket, which was occupied,
I couldn't charge my phone, that cause my breakup!"


I/Him, Rohan Kumar (RKD) is the founder and CEO of Indyro Global Technologies. He is a patent holder to a first-of-its-kind Flexible Power Outlet Systems (FPOS) solutions provider in India. A visionary and an innovator, Rohan has pioneered the concept of ‘power track’ and introduced the Interior Technology sector in India, and is set to disrupt the space with this novelty. As the CEO of Indyro, he is responsible for generating awareness around and driving the development of this unique technology, along with tapping into its potential of redefining the spaces of Electrical Equipment and Interior Technology. Further, he is tasked with ensuring high scalability of Indyro’s marquee product
‘Power Plus by Indyro’.

A first-gen entrepreneur, Rohan graduated from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management with specialization in entrepreneurship, business administration and global opportunity and threat analysis. Such specialization, supplemented by his keen interest and passion, has led to Rohan using
the elements of both traditional as well as modern approaches to business for Indyro. Prior to this, he has been associated with globally renowned firms.

A futurist and an innovator at heart, Rohan felt the need to upgrade the environmentally harmful, economically inefficient, and cluttered infrastructure of power outlets through a blend of modern techniques and the traditional framework. Post an extensive research and deliberation, Rohan came up with the idea of building on a strategic combination of comfort, feel and multi-purpose of utility. Four years of efforts spent on developing on this idea culminated in the inception of a power outlet
that is flexible, safer, eco-friendly, and leads to cost savings of over 30% by eliminating the
cumbersome process of electrical installation.

Christened ‘Power Plus’, Indyro’s flagship product will prove to be a strategic value-addition not just for industrial and corporate setups but for households as well. In fact, through this PRODUCT, Rohan has succeeded in carving a niche in the Interior Technology space by introducing a new segment of flexible power outlets altogether. Furthermore, he has already identified the potential of 7 more types of Power tracks, along with 20+ different types of accessories. Equipped with such a strong
and distinctive value proposition, Rohan aims to pioneer in and disrupt the country’s Interior
Technology space, establishing the ‘Unity of Track’ in India.

Post this, he envisions to expand to other countries and take ‘Power Plus’ to a global scale within the next five years. Essentially, he is looking to create an ecosystem wherein power tracks are installed at each residential and commercial setup to become an indispensable part of everyone’s daily lives. In his leisure time, Rohan likes to read, collect antique technology, and explore new places. Innovation runs in his genes and is evident by the fact that his grandfather, a scientist with the central government, found a technique of DRI which saved trillions of tonnes of coal, and his father
is working towards finding hydroponic and aquaponics solutions, along with working on new solutions for the development of rural areas.

Indyro Global is an ‘Interior Technology’ start-up funded in March 2019, completely
transforming the way we understand power accessibility and consumption. Through its
unique proprietary product ‘POWER PLUS” comprising a dynamic power track and fully
adaptive sockets, Indyro showcases innovations in the Flexible Power Outlet Systems hitherto
unseen in conventional power infrastructure.

Developed after a sustained research, Indyro’s POWER PLUS solves problems
related with a power outlet fixed inside a wall completely. The product consists of power
tracks, sockets and socket accessories such as a LAN adapter and other
pluggable components to further enhance the utility of the track. The sockets come in
various types of amperage and are universally adaptive. The track can support a load of 5 kW,
and can connect up to 25-30 devices at a time on a 6 ft track! For the first time, an enterprise
has tried to reimagine power outlets and can enhance the efficiency and productivity of a
space completely.