The Nautilus

The Luxurious Option

We simply want to decorate our house with the best shade available. This track is silver lined with white wood texture. The only option which goes along with any interior design.

SKU: 3501
Power Track Nautilus Edition

Marbella Marble

Marble Edition

It is a skirting solution. Goes well with floor marbles and tiles. In large areas and with beautiful marble, where there is a definite need for a Power Track because. A track doesn't spoil the marble and maintain a seamless continuity.

SKU: 2501
Power Track Marbella Edition

Antique Copper

Texture Edition

A one of a kind texture coating. Recommended for areas with ambient lighting. The light from a large window reflects a pattern which simmers and shine.

SKU: 1501
Power Track Antique Copper Edition

Sucho Grey

Basic Edition

The Basic shades are widely for areas where their is high number of foot-falls, we have made it extra durable. Recommended for commercial areas.

SKU: 1001
Power Track Sucho Grey Edition
13 Amp U-type wireless Socket Indyro

Wireless Socket 13A
U-Type Connector

Wireless Socket 13Amp with U-Type Connector. At airport or restaurants, we have, at some point faced a need for a socket, which sometimes are not available or we wait. The socket is made with U-Type connector, mid assembly and face. We call this dynamic purpose sockets, for devices and electronic which are mobile in nature.

SKU: 5001W

16 Amp U-type Wireless socket Indyro

Wireless Socket 15A
U-Type Connector

A Power Track is tested on loads upto 2KW. The load capacity is proportionate to the input wire. For high load capacity we recommend using a 3.5mm wire, preferably with a denser cooper. This socket fulfils the requirement of static purpose socket.


USB Flexible Socket for Indyro power track

Dual Port USB Socket

* Actual product might differ from what shown.

Dual Port USB 60W with switch

SKU: 2001RA

PLC Indyro

Transponder/Receiver-PLC 1GB/s Low Latency LAN Port
with WiFi

Power Over Ethernet or Power lince.

Often we waste too much money in ethernet cables and ports. PLC induce internet into power line as electricity have lot of characteristics. Therefore upto 500 meter, you can draw internet. The same can be used as a router.